Welcome back for the third installment of Making Moda, the daily journal of ModaMatters’ trip across Italy in search of great new fabrics and styles for the fall/winter season. Today we will be in the gorgeous hilltop town of Martina Franca.

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DAY 3 – Martina Franca

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Ciao, ragazzi!

After a quick 90-minute flight (and hour drive), we arrived in the lovely hilltop town of Martina Franca. Located in the southern Italian region of Puglia (the heel of Italy’s boot), Martina Franca has a storied history of coat, shirt, and suit manufacturing.

The vibe here is a little different from that in Como and Biella, reflected in the architecture, cuisine, and the generally more relaxed rhythm of the people. But one thing that isn’t any different is the commitment to “fare la bella figura,” making sure that every time you step out the door you do so with style and class.

Martina Franca is also the home of ModaMatters’ first foray into Made in Italy custom clothing; the whole process from fabric production to the tailoring and finishing of the end product are done entirely in Italy.

The plan for today was to visit our partner that produces our Blue Label line of premium dress shirts to learn about their selection of fabrics for fall, and also discuss some ideas for collaboration in the future to improve the experience and broaden the options we’re able to offer our customers.

But, before we get into that, a quick backstory for reference:

ModaMatters Blue Label

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One of our Blue Label shirts on display at our “An Italian Summer Night” event in July

About a year ago, we started the “Blue Label” project to launch a premium line of products that were 100% made in Italy with different cuts, fits, and additional options. While a lot of the other made-to-measure brands out there have focused manufacturing efforts in China for cost savings, we decided on a different priority. We wanted to focus on quality and craftsmanship. 

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The quality of our Blue Label is evident in the feel of the fabric and in every fine detail of construction

After searching for and vetting several Italian tailor operations for potential collaboration, we came to terms with our partner in Martina Franca and began to produce beautiful, high quality shirts that we’re extremely proud to offer, and with which our customers have immediately fallen in love.

Which brings us back to today.

While our shirts have sold well, something has been missing.

Part of why our customers like to come to ModaMatters is the personal touch – the trust, honesty, and education that come along with our quality products. Where we struggled, frankly, was understanding and being able to articulate why our Blue Label line should be your next “Big Boy” investment in growth as a man. While the quality was undeniable in the look and feel of the shirts, we struggled for the words to convey their next-level class and sophistication. After today, you’ll have trouble getting us to stop talking about our Blue Label pieces.

We spent the next 12 hours learning about the fine quality of the fabrics, the care and craftsmanship that go into the tailoring and sewing of each piece, the many special features like stretch collars, the mother of pearl buttons that will now come standard on all shirts, and our hand-stitched labels and end tags. We also learned about the plethora of additional options we will now be able to offer to even further increase the ability of our customers to personalize and fully customize their own unique items.

Learning about every fine detail of shirt construction from the master

We are happy to announce that we will have the full range of Blue Label shirt options available in store by the end of September, and online shortly thereafter. Make your appointment here or contact us, and come see the difference for yourself.

That’s all for now. Going to crush this Capricciosa pizza then bed.

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