Welcome back for the fifth installment of Making Moda, the daily journal of ModaMatters’ trip across Italy in search of great new fabrics and styles for the fall/winter season. Today we return to Como to tour our tie factory, then go back to Biella for a tour of the Angelico mill.

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DAY 5 – Return to Como and Biella

Buongiorno a tutti!

Day 5 is our last diary entry for the trip since our final day in Italy will be spent walking around Milan to get some fall season inspiration…and maybe drink an Aperol spritz or two.

Inspecting a length of grenadine grossa silk that will soon be cut and hand-crafted into several ties

After an early flight back from Martina Franca, we landed in Milan and drove to Como to get a quick tour of our tie factory.  And this brief glimpse behind the scenes was enough to give us a greater appreciation for how special our ties really are.  We observed the entire process from weaving to fabric stenciling to shipping and we’ll share the full video here and on social media as soon as it’s finished. It’s transfixing.

Angelico Mill Tour

After saying our goodbyes to the fine folks in Como, we drove 90 minutes in the other direction back to Biella to finish our meeting with Angelico (see the post from our first visit here) and get an exclusive tour from our contacts, Luca and Silvia.

No matter how many videos we’d watched online, we couldn’t fully appreciate how much care goes into every step of the intensive process of making wool until we saw it live and up close. Angelico is one of the largest production mills in the world, producing over 4 million meters of fabric a year for designers like Armani, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and many others. But each step of the process is done with such fine attention to detail and diligence that you’d think each run of fabric is the most important they’ve ever made.

Luca and Silvia walked us through different portions of the factory to see all phases of production for both prototyping and mass production.  We actually were able to watch the production of the fabric used for our Mark I Sharkskin Blue Suit, the first suit we ever sold.

Seeing that really helped visualize the connection starting almost all the way back at the sheep (which Angelico owns, by the way) and being handled with love and care at each step along the way until we have the pleasure of watching our customer leave with their new custom ModaMatters suit.

Various colors of wool fabrics in early stages of production

After picking out some last minute samples for winter blazers, we said our good byes to Luca and Silvia and headed to our Airbnb in Milan (bootstrapping at its best).

We’ll spend the next day just recuperating from the whirlwind nature of this trip and then get started on a mini documentary that we’ll launch on our YouTube channel.  It’s in its early phases, but we’re very excited to create this short video and give you all a closer look at all the things we observed and learned on the trip, as well as sneak peaks at some of our new product offerings for the fall and winter.


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