In the last 10 years, men’s suiting style has experienced a renaissance of sorts.  With the growth in popularity of more tapered fits, softer shoulders, and more aggressive patterns, men have had the opportunity to express themselves and channel their inner Mastroianni or Connery (depending where your European style allegiances lie) now more than ever.

In 2014, the stylish spy comedy/thriller Kingsman: The Secret Service, vividly captured this movement with countless double-breasted suits, dozens of (lethal) black oxfords, and more bespoke shirts than you could shake an umbrella at. Kingsman style reflected the best of modern fashion trends. It was so stylish that I saw it twice in theaters for inspiration.

2017’s sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle has the unenviable task of being delivering the same impeccable Kingsman style factor with the added burden of high expectations following the success of the original. And it doesn’t do half bad.

Today we’ll look at the three big stars of the film and their best looks:

Orange Crush

Let’s start with the obvious— The Orange Dinner Jacket

Early in the film, protagonist Eggsy has the always-exciting task of meeting the future in-laws (who also happen to be Royal Family of Sweden). So how do you keep things interesting a formal dinner? An orange cotton-velvet peak lapel dinner jacket. While not everyone can pull off orange, Eggsy kills it with this piece. Traditional tuxedos can be redundant. If you can grab an alternate  dinner jacket, you’ll get more wear out of mixing and matching the entire outfit over time. Bravo, Eggsy.

kingsman orange tux

Eggsy (played by Taron Egerton) crushes this dinner jacket look. To get your own (even in a darker color), make an appointment in our showroom or at one of upcoming our pop-ups.

Different Shade of Grey (Pinstripe)

Channing Tatum…not the first character you would expect to make the list given his usual attire, but in the sequel, he makes the grade by sporting a grey double breasted suit with a copper pinstripe. By going away from the traditional navy color for a pinstripe suit (and employing a slim fit), Channing avoids the mob boss look that plagues most men who wear double-breasted pinstripe suits. Copper or brown pinstripes are elegant, subtle, and unique. With a slim cut – or even a more conservative single breast – any man can embody the Kingsman style and turn heads.

Channing Tatum Kingsman gray pinstripe suit

While Tatum spends most of the movie in cowboy hats, he still shows he can clean up when he needs to. To grab something similar, visit our showroom here and we’ll make you look this good (bowler hat not included).

Return of the King(sman)

Harry (played by Colin Firth) was most people’s favorite character from the first film. Father figure to Eggsy, brother in arms to Merlin, and Super Spy, Harry was the man most of us wish we could be. SEMI-SPOILER ALERT- Without giving too much away, Harry does appear in The Golden Circle and let’s say (tiptoeing around spoilers) he’s still got it

While we can run down the endless list of navy pinstripe pieces Harry is seen wearing, we wanted to highlight this light grey double breasted number with brown buttons. Although most men like to start their collections with charcoal or navy, a light or medium grey is neutral and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. It also allows for accessories in almost any color and pattern combinations. Harry’s version is accompanied by brown buttons to give a distinguished, elegant look that would pair well with any brown or cognac shoe. We missed you, Harry.

Colin Firth Kingsman fashion grey double breasted

Welcome back, old friend. To get this look, come into our showroom or visit one of our upcoming pop-ups.

Want to be a Super Spy (weapons not included) in Kingsman style?

For your own version of a high-quality Kingsman style suit or tuxedo in one of the above styles – or any other style you want to create on your own unique look – contact us or make an appointment in ModaMatters’ showroom.