Moda Matters: Wedding Season Primer

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According to The Knot, 38% of weddings will take place over the next 2 months.  Most men will ask themselves, “what am I supposed to wear?” Here are our top choices based on some past clients’ experiences.

Wedding Type: Creative

  • The Clients: Daniel and Amber
  • The Request: “I am thinking a burgundy/in that shade jacket and a light or medium grey pant. Not sure for tie or shirt. Open to something floral or fun.”
  • The Thought Process: Breaking up a burgundy jacket is hard. If the jacket is too long or structured, he could look like a movie usher. We decided to crop it short and add a very small pad to offset his shoulder slope for a creative/modern look.
  • The Picks: We went with Drago fabrics that tend to have a lot of variety and options. A Burgundy blazer along with a bold glen plaid pattern tailored slim to work well with his favorite black boat shoes. Finally, a floral custom dress shirt and finally a knit black tie to keep it casual but put-together.

Wedding Type: Formal but Unique

  • The Clients: Giancarlo and Kelly
  • The Request: “I want a tuxedo that will really stand out. I’ve seen navy ones but can it be brighter and slightly different?”
  • The Thought Process: Giancarlo has a very muscular build on a shorter frame. We decided to keep it uniform in one color to make him look taller. We also decided on a brighter royal blue with a slightly darker blue satin shawl lapel which is a stark contrast from the navy tuxedo with black lapels you typically see. Giancarlo wanted a fun bow tie so we also added a royal oxford white shirt with unique black buttons to match.
  • The Picks: Our base level Super 120s blue fabric tuxedo along with a White Royal Oxford, semi-spread shorter collar and french cuffs.

Wedding Type: Formal but with a Hard Flex

  • The Clients: Sean and Randi
  • The Request: “I had a very specific tuxedo in mind — “Double breasted, peak lapels. And it had to be plum. I am was getting married, which is, y’know, kind of a big deal, and I didn’t want some shiny, sh*tty rental that a bunch of other jerks got married in.”
  • The Thought Process: Sean knew what he wanted. He just couldn’t find anyone who could do it: “I gave this same speech to tailor after tailor, city and suburbs, and they laughed at me, said it was out of style, old fashioned, ridiculous, and that I’d never find anything like it, at least not for less than the soul of my unborn child.”
  • The Picks: Our base level Super 120s plum fabric to make a double breasted wide-peak lapel, 6-button tuxedo, along with a White Royal Oxford, semi-spread shorter collar and french cuffs.

Wedding Type: Classic Suiting for a Wedding Party

  • The Clients: Greg and Nicole
  • The Request: “We’re getting married in Italy and I want something perfectly tailored and I want my guys in something that fits a Italian Summer theme.”
  • The Thought Process: Greg has very broad shoulders and wanted something that felt luxurious and draped well. His guys were of all shapes and sizes so he didn’t want they to buy something that they could never wear again.
  • The Picks: For Greg, We went with a deep blue Drago Super 130s, white french cuff shirt, and a cream micro grenadine tie. The cream color tied into the wedding theme but added formality. For his groomsmen, we decided on a 3 piece Angelico shark blue suit and a blush pink micro grenadine that tied into the bridesmaid dresses.

Wedding Type: Classic Formal

  • The Clients: Donald and Colleen
  • The Request: “I want a really sharp black tux. I’m slim and want it to hug my body perfectly.”
  • The Thought Process: Donald was very clear. He wanted an updated classic with a modern fit. Colleen’s dress was slightly off-white so Donald also wanted an Old-Hollywood-Style shirt to match.
  • The Picks: We decided on a classic wide shawl lapel black tuxedo with a one button closure that would give his upper body some shape but keep the overall silhouette slim. His off-white french cuff shirt was paired with a black grenadine bow-tie to finish off a polished look.

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