Dark Grey Diamond Patterned Tie


Our Dark Grey Diamond Patterned Tie is one of the most useful and versatile ties in our catalog. Its dark gray tones work well with most suit colors and will be conservative enough for most business environments. The elegant geometric woven texture and simple but bold pattern give it a level of class above the regular printed styles.

This tie is best when playing a supporting role to more daring patterns in your shirt, suit, or pocket square, but it’ll do all the little things to help elevate the whole outfit. You need ties like this in your roster – add it, and you’ll end up leaning on it in more situations than you ever expected.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    The Dark Grey Diamond Patterned Tie Details

    • Fiber Content : 100% Silk
    • Size cm. : 8 x 148
    • Design Type : Geometric Weave with Diamond Motif
    • Fabric Type : Jacquard

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