Moda Matters is an Italian-American menswear brand built around the Italian principles of craftsmanship, tailoring, and individuality. All products are made in family-owned workshops throughout Italy in limited quantities at an accessible price.

Fiat 500 Car in Italy
Italian Craftsmanship
We’ve travelled across Italy to build relationships with family-owned workshops that carry on traditions passed down in families for decades.
Book of Fabrics
Premium Fabrics
We source our fabrics from all over the world, with a focus on materials from storied Italian mills in the Biella region.
Picture of Model in Orange Blazer
We started the company because we felt that everyone should have the ability to dress well, in high quality clothing that made them feel like the best version of themselves.
Rack of jackets
Not only do we produce daily staples, but also unique pieces that help men stand out in a crowd.
Bruno Red Windowpane on Model
Our Mission is to make Italian craftsmanship and style available worldwide at an accessible price.