Moda Matters is an Italian-American menswear brand built around the concept of elevating men’s daily wardrobe using the Italian principles of craftsmanship, tailoring, and individuality. All products are made in Italy, using family-owned workshops, to produce limited-quantity collections of the highest quality.

Italian Craftsmanship
We’ve travelled across Italy to forge partnerships with family-owned workshops that carry on traditions passed down in families for decades.
Premium Fabrics
We source our fabrics from all over the world, with a focus on materials from storied Italian mills in the Biella region. For our ready-to-wear collections, we use our workshops' slow-moving stock of material to create short-run, limited-edition collections that are unique and of the highest quality while also helping reduce our carbon footprint.
Periodic seasonal ready-to-wear collections of garments that can become staples of a wardrobe for years to come.
Our Vision is make old-world Italian craftsmanship and style available worldwide to men looking for something different.
Our Mission is to reinvent these staples and give men the opportunity to feel different through clothing that feels like a second skin.