How to Dress like Conor McGregor – The Art of the Three Piece Suit

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Years ago, Conor McGregor, already an MMA Legend, surprised the boxing world by going toe-to-toe with arguably the greatest boxer of our generation, Floyd Mayweather Jr. In the end he didn’t come out on top, but most commentators were impressed by his bold approach and were surprised by how good he looked despite the circumstances. And now he’s back.

Back in his first run, he didn’t only impress inside the ring – outside the ring before his fight with Mayweather, McGregor brought back a sartorial class and style few have seen in the boxing world since Muhammad Ali. Donning several perfectly-tailored custom suits at the promotional events in the run-up to the bout, McGregor culminated his style masterclass by appearing at the arena before the bout in a double-breasted three piece navy patterned suit. Despite being moments away from squaring off in his first ever competition in a new sport against an undefeated legend, McGregor displayed the level of confidence any man feels while wearing a expertly crafted custom suit.

Ali being fitted for a custom suit in Savile Row

Few feel they can pull off a thee-piece suit, but it’s actually one of the best looks for anyone wanting to stand out without relying on more obvious peacockery, like fancy pocket squares and lapel pins. Below we’ll take at look key components to consider when building your custom three piece suit. For more advice (and to make it a reality), contact us or book an appointment at our Philly showroom here.

How many buttons?

A major consideration when constructing a three piece suit is deciding on the best number of buttons on your vest.  the key is to maintain proportionality and scale. For some general guidelines:

1). Six buttons works best for someone 5’9” or taller

2). Five buttons works best for someone under 5’9”

3). Seven buttons is best for the much taller gentlemen (over 6’5”)

4). A double-breasted vest should be 8 buttons and works better for slimmer or broader-shouldered men (like McGregor).

If you’re going to dare to be great, try a double-breasted vest with your suit.

Lapels or no Lapels?

Not all vests are created equal. Here are a few general rules:

1). A vest without lapels will always be a safer bet.

2). Lapels on a vest are more formal and recommended only if the vest is double-breasted or you have a slim physique.

3). Peak Lapel Suit -> No vest lapels. Ever.

4).   If you’re going to do lapels on your vest, they should be the same as the suit (i.e.: notch = notch).

McGregor (5’9”) knows his best fit. Pictured here with a Five Button vest with notch lapels matching his suit jacket.

Shirt and Tie Combinations for Your Three Piece Suit

For a three piece suit, the recommendations for matching patterns are similar to those of a regular suit.

Due to the added layer in the vest, the majority of guys will look better with a solid shirt under the suit. This will reduce the appearance of added bulk.

If the suit pattern is plaid or windowpane, we recommend a solid shirt in a matching or complimentary color to the accent lines of the suit.

Simple printed silk ties can get “lost” in a three piece outfit. Knit or woven ties are best, as they can add complexity with their texture and contrast.

To “tie” it all together, we recommend a tie with texture such as a silk-knit (pictured above) or a grenadine. Check out Moda Matters Ties here.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us here or schedule a consultation at our Philadelphia Showroom!

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