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ModaMatters Weddings

ModaMatters makes the wedding experience easy. Unlike traditional rental or purchasing options, we help you design the perfect wedding suit, make sure you have a flawless fit, and do it all without adding another hassle to your wedding planning process.

We can do as much or as little as you need – from suits for all your groomsmen to something unique just for the groom to matching ties or pocket squares, we’ve done it all. We also offer certain wedding discount pricing based on group size, suit style, and bundling of products so you get the best price as well as the best fit.

We like to start the consultation process about 45 days before the wedding for the groom, or 60-90 days before the wedding for the whole wedding party to ensure that the groom and all the groomsmen receive their product(s) and have time to make any necessary minor alterations (all on us) to guarantee a perfect fit with time to spare before the event.

Your wedding day will be a celebration that you’ll remember (and see in photos) for the rest of your life. Let us be a part of it and outfit you and your whole crew in beautiful suits, made exactly the way you want. Get started with your wedding party today! 


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